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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring

Dr. David Owen


Morning update: Continued improvement with less reporting of events noted, as always, over the weekend. Having said that, our real time markers as hospitalizations and ED visits remain robustly in a downtrend. %statewide covid beds down slightly to yet another new low. Only 115 covid patients are listed in all of PBC, of which, it is estimated that up to 30% may be overdiagnosed (i.e. with covid a secondary, not primary diagnosis). Deaths in PBC are generally under 5 per day however with occ. days with spikes to over 10. This M&M data is similar to the data in April!! The Gov. was absolutely correct in opening up the state and our local officials (quite correctly, considering they are democrats and anti-Trumpers) have opened up PBC too. It is a certainty, however that we will see a spike with the reopenings but we anticipate this, and our hospitals are more than ready to accommodate. One final observation, daily positive tests have remained in a range for the past month in the mid 2ks and this may turn out to be our new baseline until vaccines become available.



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