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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/25/2020

Morning update: Continued improvement at a slow "flat curve" rate with hospitalizations continuing in a downtrend, ED/FSED visits of cough resulting in admissions down, ED/FSED visits for covid symptoms down and % covid beds in the state setting another low. Deaths are following slowly but with tremendous lag time. We are still recording deaths in the plateau time between July 16 and Aug. 7, which is astonishing ( a new adjective/adverb for this every day, it seems). The general MSM indicates that although positive covid tests are increasing outside of Florida, they are predominantly in the young, perhaps due to aggregates of college students on campus. This increase, however, has not led to increases in deaths nor hospitalizations, which is consistent with the behavior of this disease in this age group. Another interesting statistic suggested that the .06% death rate in Florida is similar to a severe flu outbreak. I'll have to confirm this. Finally deaths in Dade continue to mount with the total today 3 times as much as Broward and PBC combined. Until the disease runs its course in that county, whether by HI or vaccination, the numbers of deaths in the state will not decline significantly. Hospitalizations though continue to decline though and I would love to know the death rate of hospitalizations in Dade over the past few months. Something's up, including that calculation!! ___


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