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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/23/2020

Late morning update: No overall change. The number of catch up deaths was over 200 today, which will have the MSM freaking out. A large number of these were assigned to dates pretty much evenly throughout August. The "death" plateau continues to broadly fill out from about July 16 to Aug. 6th. % covid beds statewide fell below 5% for the first time and covid beds were down in the tricounty area. Positive tests continue in the range of the mid 2ks. for several days now. The media, which is fixated on increasing cases in lower population midwest states will not have Florida to fixate on yet, as the state continues to show evidence of waning of the pandemic spike based on %positive tests, beds and ED visits. Again, not only may all of this change for the worse, but this is expected, with schools opened. My contention is that the spike will be minimal as long as we all behave. Over two weeks from Labor day and no consequence, so we have survived that holiday in great shape. So far, so good with RH and YK!! ___


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