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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/22/2020

Morning update: Likely continued underreporting of deaths over the weekend from the tricounty area (only 3, all weekend, all in Broward). This makes interpretation difficult as we know they'll be a hundred or so reported daily to make up for this underreporting. The decline in the rate of covid hospitalizations is noted though, however there is no uptick, which is good news. %covid beds still just north of 5% and covid beds in the tricounty area are stable in numbers. The ED/FSED data resumes the down trend for flu related symptoms in addition to the ongoing downtrend in covid related symptoms resulting in admissions. So the recruitment, if you will, of covid patients continues to wane. While there are rumors stirring of an increase in cases in the nation, I see no evidence of this in Florida. With classes resuming in our schools today, there will certainly be an increase in positive tests and ED visits. The data on ED visits has a week or so lag so we will not know this in real time. So far, so good


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