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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/18/2020

Morning update: Slight slowing of the rate of decline in covid beds in the state is noted with no overall change in PBC and Broward but Dade covid beds continue to plummet and that is good news. For, whenever Dade improves, the state as a whole improves. %covid beds statewide is 5.18% Deaths in Dade, however, continue to amaze with 50 of the estimated 137 reported statewide deaths occurring there. This is over twice that of Broward and PBC combined (!!), and unfortunately is a commentary on the state of health of the population in that county. Only two deaths were assigned to July and I'm hopeful that that is it! July 30,31 and Aug. 4,5 are our most deadly days thus far probably topping out around 210 deaths per day. One thing I have to keep in mind, and we're talking "relatively" now. The number of deaths is certainly quite high unless we take into consideration the population of over 21 million. So whether we're dealing with spans of 200 or 150 deaths per day, the % "relative" to the overall population is small and the changes over certain spans are "relatively"small. Covid ED admissions due to cough and ED evaluations for symptoms are all still in a downtrend and below the levels of early June. All of this supports the ongoing exit of this pandemic spike. Given the overall good health of the population at risk this weekend, I expect no upticks in the pandemic M&M. ___


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