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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/10/2020

Morning update: Another perplexing day, similar to yesterday in terms of daily deaths, which again spiked to approx. 213. Many still continue to be assigned to the last week of July and we now have our second day of over 200 deaths per day, finally determined to be 7/30. The deaths in Dade continue to weigh the heaviest on the statewide total. How our PH officials and gov't authorities can develop ongoing policy with such late reportings of these deaths is a mystery to me. But in our favor, is the continued drop in hospitalizations statewide and esp. in Dade county. The percent covid beds in the state is down to 6.24% and the numbers of covid beds continues to slowly decline in Broward and PBC too. When this translates into declining daily deaths is impossible to predict given the volatility in reporting of these numbers. But we do know that the number of positive tests has been below 4k for close to 3 weeks outside of the Quest lab dump and this too should translate into fewer deaths at some point in the near future. The fact that deaths continue to be reported for the last week of July at this time, means we will not know Aug. numbers until Oct. Oy!! So, we look away from all the mortalities and state that the pandemic continues to wind down with no evidence of any spike from the recent holiday. ___


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