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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/08/2020

Morning update: So far so good from the holiday. Covid hospitalizations with very slight uptick statewide and in Dade but down in PBC and Broward. Recorded deaths still very low (44) with many still being assigned to the last days of July and first few days of Aug. The last mini-peak in daily deaths is estimated to be Aug. 5 with a significant and sustained decline likely afterwards. Catch up death numbers are anticipated for tomorrow and Wed. Daily deaths in the tricounty area are in a clear down trend with occ. spikes to over 10 per day between many days of under 10, particularly in Broward and PBC. Hospitalization sl. increased in Dade and sl. decreased in PBC and Broward. %covid beds statewide is up to 7.37% mainly due to the decrease in non-covid beds over the weekend (ie. the denominator). Again, we'll hope to see daily deaths under 100 for every day this week and then perhaps in the 50-75 for the following week. All in all, continued resolution of pandemic is noted but can only be sustained by masks etc. ___

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