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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/07/2020

Morning update: Very low numbers reported today, even for a weekend. Only 22 deaths were recorded, with only one assigned to July. This number is even lower than most daily numbers before the spike and we'll see how this "catches" up next week. Hospitalizations are at the lowest numbers since I have been following, both at the state level and for the tricounty area, including both general and ICU beds. % covid beds is down to 7.00%. As an example, PBC ICU beds are almost one half empty. ED/FSED visits for covid symptoms continue to decline and are lower than the levels in early June. Positive tests continue to run between 2k-4k and although the MSM states otherwise, I really do believe that these numbers represent all positive tests whether it is for a new individual or a repeat in any one individual. The labs down here can barely keep up with positive or negative, much less whether a positive test is the first or the fifth for any individual. Nonetheless, there is no clear evidence of any holiday related spike, although a very subtle slowing in the RATE of decline of covid beds in the state is now noted. We'll see if this results in an increase in covid hospitalizations going forward. All in all, continued resolution mainly due to continued following of CDC guidelines and not HI. ___


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