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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 09/05/2020

Morning update: Continued evidence of declining pandemic as I continue to sound like a broken record. Deaths down to levels seen in April-May (64 today), but I admit this is a weekend number. Nonetheless the weekend numbers continue to decline per week. No more deaths were assigned to our top period of July 19-25 which keeps the daily number in the low 190s. Our other blip of Aug. 4-5 had no recorded deaths either. The first two weeks of Aug. had the most deaths recorded today but the overall daily numbers during that time are rising at a lower rate than in July, which is good. Deaths in Broward continue at 10 or lower for the past 10 days which is approaching the time span of these low numbers from the last week in June before the spike. Hospitalizations continue to trend downward statewide and in the tricounty area. PBC had a drastic drop in hospitalizations again, which likely represents under reporting although a cursory check of individual hospital numbers appears to reveal no under reporting. We'll have to see if this holds up next week. We enter this first Sept. holiday in excellent shape with conditions favorable for a successful phase two opening. ___


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