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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning update: Boy, you'd never know it from the biased MSM, geared to misery only. Well here's a second opinion. Positive tests have zoomed upward today and that is great news. Estimated percent of covid positive patients in PBC is now 15.56% and for Dade, it's higher at 16.1% with the lowest estimate of HI at 20% so both of these counties are creeping closer to that magic number. Broward still has a way to go and the numbers reflect it, with elevated yet stable hospitalizations and increasing deaths (still very small numbers though). Bed situation in PBC is improving very nicely and deaths are at the upper end of the band we have been seeing since the pandemic onset. Dade had slight hospital bed and ICU improvement also with deaths down. Statewide the death numbers were down. In fact, our tri-county area probably accounted for over 1/2 of all deaths yesterday, which should support the idea of relative sparing of the rest of the state outside of pockets. Again, keep in mind that weekend numbers tend to be lower and I would not be surprised to see deaths up on Tuesday, but still very low numbers and for that we are thankful. MSM, take note, death rates now plummeting to unheard of low numbers statewide and in the tri-county area. All in all, an excellent report and DeSantis deserves plenty of support for his accurate handling of the pandemic thus far.



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