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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/24/2020

Morning update: Continuation of decrease in daily reported deaths is noted. Hospitalizations upticked a bit from yesterday, but yesterday's decline from Saturday was steep, so I'm wondering if there is a minor reporting issue here. Much fewer recorded deaths are being assigned to the last two weeks of August which portends well for the final death numbers for this month as a whole. We still have not topped out the high death numbers of July 20 and 16/25 at 184 and 180 deaths respectively. Those dates are over one month ago and represent case onsets from one month prior to that. So I really think these dates represent the zenith and we will remain under 200, perhaps even 190 deaths per day throughout this mini-spike. Deaths and hospitalizations in PBC continue to decline nicely and I wish the PH officials would act more aggressively on this steep decline and move to stage 2, or whatever. Online schooling is completely unnecessary at this time in our county.

Tomorrow should be the day of highest reported deaths. Would love to see that under 100. Bed report tonight may show a slight increase in covid bed usage but the trend continues downward. ___


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