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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/10/2020

Morning report: Continued evidence of improvement with positive cases down (taken with a grain of salt though), deaths below 100 again, and all ED data sloping downward. Hospitalizations continue down in Dade but are stable from a lower number than we've seen in Broward and stable with low numbers in PBC. We have not had the deaths assigned to any days since Aug. 7, by the state, and this number is important, esp. as we analyze the middle two weeks of July as potential high points of the epidemic. By report, NH/ALF deaths are rising in the state and this may be another late effect from the bump in cases and hospitalization in mid July. Also, compared to Cal and Tx, we appear to be doing much better in terms of M&M as well. I personally believe this is due to the humid hot weather and the fact that our most vulnerable populations have reached HI (probably with this latest spike).

I'll have the stable-sl. improving bed report tonight. Conclusion, no spike, no Titanic!! ___


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