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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 7/30/2020

Morning update: Continued increase in our late indicator, deaths, but again they are spread out minimally from July 9 -16 where most days run between 115-125 deaths for the state and of course with more deaths reported per day afterwards. Media still errs on proclaiming daily death records, such as today's 251- 253 but these deaths are spread out over the month of July. The daily number may settle around 125 -130 for the week of July 9 -16 which is NOT catastrophic and certainly far less than the 200 per day which the PH officials were forecasting in Florida. Numbers for the following week may peak out over 150. As for beds, which I'll discuss in more detail tonight, covid admissions are down nicely in the tri-county area, particularly in Dade, I'm happy to say. % available ICU beds are up in the state and sl. in the tri-county area and the curves of ED/FSED units continue to trend downward on a daily and weekly basis, all continued good news. On another note, Dade and Broward had the lion's share of deaths with close to 40% of all state reported deaths. PBC had it's usual number and this county is certainly becoming interesting with the dwindling numbers of M&M which we are now seeing. We need a few more days of this trend downward to believe it!! Will be interesting to see if we have reached HI in our county. All in all an improving report. ___


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