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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 7/27/2020

Morning update: Stable in all data points from positive tests, to deaths, ICU and general bed usage et al. In short, PBC has no issues at all. ICU beds remain tight in Dade and Broward, but stable and general beds in those counties are plentiful, esp. out west. Death rates continue to fall in the state and Dade and PBC and the downtrend has resumed in Broward. A spike in recorded deaths occurred between July 8-14, now with all days between July8-17 save one date, with over 100 deaths per day (103-111). This continues to be a very low number, a testament to the relative non-lethality of this virus as well as advances in treatment. Perhaps we have the G 614 version of the virus (more contagious, less lethal), unlike the more lethal D614 up north. With ICU beds available in the tri-county area, general beds quite available, declining death rates and continued low numbers of daily deaths I conclude the "spike" is minimal, this stage of the reopening is appropriate, PBC should open more fully, and schools should start Aug. 31 in-class!! I see no data trends to prove this wrong. ___

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