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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 7/26/2020

Morning report: A diminution in death numbers, as expected this weekend, but the diminution is more than last for thought. Despite the media hysteria over increased daily deaths, I cannot confirm any number greater than 114 for any day (7/16). Most catch up deaths are being reported for the time after 7/17 so the daily numbers from a low of 68 to a high of 106 are probably going to hold for the first 10 days of July and these are actually quite low. I am picky over these numbers because two weeks before this time (June 26th) the media really lost it when the testing numbers really took off. Armageddon predicted by the health "experts" two weeks later, simply did NOT occur. At least they are all consistent. From the Slant-Sentinel on July 3rd ... paraphrasing: the next two weeks could be crucial for South Florida. Nope, not seeing it. Otherwise in the tri-county area, general bed improvement continues apace while ICU beds remain very tight in Broward, but stable and tight but stable in Dade. PBC is of no concern and we can actually cross this county off as an ongoing concern. The misinformed teachers in PBC however, mistakenly, will try to keep the kids out of school come Aug. 31 ... saaad. The data, thus far shows they are completely wrong!!

I'll do the bed reports tonight on my nightly report on Facebook. In the meantime, hot spot in name only!! ____


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