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Data Without Doctoring

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen

Morning report: Stable today, which continues to be good news. Although we again do not have any ICU bed utilization today, the general bed situation is good. Dade is clearly improving, Broward stable but tight and PBC slight increase in bed utilization but plenty of beds available. I suspect ICU bed usage is slightly tighter based on the percentages, which are being published (not the raw numbers though). Here are the percentages of bed use for each county (Gen/ICU): Dade-unk, Broward-82/87, PBC-72/77... all basically stable over the past week. Death numbers flat in all three counties with Broward still playing catch up from earlier this week. Death rates still falling in the state and tri-county area with Broward slowly inching toward 1.0. My sense is that Dade has started a mild improvement in M&M, with Broward tight but stable (many more beds out west), and PBC non critical in all beds (similar to a busy "season").

The MSM still has it wrong as they focus on issues of testing, the numbers of which not only remain inaccurate but are of no significance in measuring the progress of the pandemic. County leaders need to keep watch, but relax for g*ds sakes. Don't forget we are closing in on 2 months from the demonstration/wyatting induced bump in M&M and, of course 2 weeks out from the 4th of July holiday...outside of inaccurate testing, no acute systemic shortage of beds is noted, with evidence of mild improvements now. My hypothesis of Dade at 18.03% involvement approaching HI of 20% is supported by the slight improvement of M&M in that county. Will be interesting to see if the hypothesis is proven. Policy as it stands now is correct. Sun-Sentinel remains incorrect in its journalist conclusions (biased, of course). ___________


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