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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/13/2020

Night report: Continued opening up of both ICU and hospital beds statewide and in the tri-county area with bed availability at its best since I've been following this data (July 8th). %covid beds statewide are down slightly to 13.56%, also the lowest thus far. Dade is probably through the period of tight availability with beds available east and west. Broward with slow improvement in ICU bed availability which is nice to see. PBC no problem.

Not knowing what a normal census is for this time of the year for PBC I'm wondering if we are back to normal as hospitals are 1/3 empty with general beds and 1/4 empty with ICU beds. For the end of the week this is good. Again my working hypothesis is a slow downward trend in M&M until the next holiday in a few weeks, Labor Day and then when schools open for in-class teaching. As the data has shown, imho, anytime people are together in clumps, this highly contagious virus rears its ugly head.

With the present CDC guidelines being followed, I really see no reason for any spike at this time. ___

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