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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/09/2020

Night report: Another excellent report with increasing bed availability statewide and in the tri-county area for both ICU and general. First the easy data, PBC has beds freely available. Dade and Broward continue to improve with general bed availability at its lowest since I've been following (77% and 79% respectively). ICU bed usage in these two counties is creeping downward ever so slowly but the trend is our friend!!

At this point the state seems to be out of danger with minimal and improving stress in Dade and Broward. Granted this is the weekend, but we'll see if the catch up numbers early this week are not lower than the past few weeks. With the worst apparently behind us, it will be very interesting to see how low we go. Will watch deaths in PBC very closely for any sign that this "late" number will begin to mimic the fall in the "earlier" numbers (ie. morbidity), three to four weeks ago. We are coming up on a months lag between the two.

My hypothesis of a declining pandemic in the state is supported by the data at this point. ___


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