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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/08/2020

Night report: Nice improvements in both general and ICU bed availability in Dade and PBC with stability in Broward, where beds remain tight, but available. Dade has some of the highest bed availability numbers since I've been following for the past few weeks, which is good news. PBC has beds widely available in its largest hospitals and is of no concern at this time. Covid cases continue to decline in the state and tricounty area.

This good morbidity trend should result in declines in deaths at some point. PBC remains in the best shape in terms of %positive covid tests, bed availability and covid patients. We await any significant decline in deaths to dare to query if the county has reached HI yet! This is another good report confirming the worst appears to be over in the tricounty area.

We will see next week if the catch up numbers say otherwise. ___


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