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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/04/2020

Nightly bed report: All of the data points pretty much line up to a tightening of the bed situation in the tri-county area with increased covid admissions in all three counties. PBC was basically stable for covid admissions and consistently has the highest number of unoccupied ICU and general beds. All of the lower numbers of occupied beds seen over the weekend have increased to the usual mid week occupancy numbers. Again, I am not seeing any new spike, just a continuation of the scarcity of ICU beds in Broward esp. and Dade, a bit less, with general beds available in all three counties. The number of covid patients did drop slightly in the state but the tri-county area shows no sign of any sustained diminution in the extent of the pandemic. And if you are an optimist, no worsening is seen either. We are just going to have to slog through this drip drip of low numbers with no end in sight, at least for the next two weeks. ___

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