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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/03/2020

Night report: For once a noticeable improvement in ICU availability in the tri-county area with Broward now off the critical list. As an observation in that county (and I am unable to verify any of this): ICU beds seem to fill rapidly out west in the county while tapering a bit in the east and I'm wondering if patients are being transferred from the east, to hospitals with more facilities out west. It has been reported that Dade patients were being transferred in South Broward ICU units before. This is just a feeling, looking at the day to day fluctuations in ICU bed numbers. A definite lightening in Dade is noted also. General beds better in all three counties (PBC of no ongoing concern at this time) % covid hospitalized patients continues a downtrend in Dade and Broward and is stable but much lower in PBC. State ICU beds at 19.64% availability (don't forget, ICUs tend to be full) and general bed availability is 25.43%. ED/FSED daily and weekly symptom evals and admissions continues in a downtrend and the state % positive covid tests is below 10%!!

All of this supports at least a plateau-ing of this phase of the pandemic, if not an outright downturn. Will be nice to see if this is confirmed tomorrow and Wed. ___

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