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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 07/31/2020

Night Report: Stability or perhaps the slightest improvement in ICU beds in Dade but a sl. bit tighter in Broward and in PBC (which has plenty of capacity). General beds is no problem in all three counties. The positive covid testing trends are definitely heading downward esp. in Dade, but statewide also. Statewide % avail. ICU beds are 16.34%, stable and for general 29.19%. Covid beds are at 21.48% which is higher but the absolute number is lower so I guess more non covid beds were taken out. This I don't understand. Interestingly three more deaths were recorded today which occurred in May!! Based on the stability of the hospital data and declining ER visits I just don't see how deaths can spike up that much more. My guess is that they'll remain consistent in the 200 per day range for a week or two (by 200, I mean reported deaths for previous times only now recorded on this date) I don't get a sense of daily deaths rolling over into a decline yet and the trend is slightly higher at this time. Certainly we still are not talking any serious spike. ___

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