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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 07/30/2020

Night Bed Report: Again stable with sl. improvements noted in general beds in the tri-county area and an extra bed or two opening in Dade and Broward in the ICU (I'll take anything I can get at this point). Statewide, ICU bed availability has improved sl. also. Total covid beds now down to 17.80%, the lowest since I have been following this parameter (only 1 week though). To reiterate, general beds are freely available in the three counties but ICU utilization remains tight in Dade and Broward with capacity now opening up a bit more in PBC (good to begin with). So, all in all, we are stable. Covid beds are clearly decreasing in all three counties but PBC is the most interesting with a more established downward trend line and daily deaths not spiking as high as in the other two counties over the past few days. Will continue to follow this new trend in PBC to see if this lasts. ___


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