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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/26/2020

Night report: Continued decrease in covid beds statewide with %covid beds below 10% for the first time since I have been following this (9.63%). Covid bed situation continues to improve in the county despite the sl. tightening of overall beds (non covid related, almost certainly) in the tricounty area. We just await the expected diminution of daily deaths to catch up to the drastic decreases in hospitalizations we are seeing. If things continue to improve, this may make any blips in the data due to the upcoming labor day holiday very easy to see and to quantify. We'll be able to compare the pandemic data after the May holiday-demonstrations, July 4th holiday and next, labor day. If we continue to behave, then the blip from labor day should be minimal and certainly much less than the 4th, which should in turn encourage our PH officials to "reward" us with more openings such as bars and entertainment venues.

So far, so good.

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