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Data After Dark

Data After Dark Dr. David Owen 08/25/2020

Night report: Continued slow decline in covid beds statewide but with sl. non-covid bed tightening in the tri-county area reflecting mid week activity. Covid beds continue to diminish significantly in Dade and Broward on a daily basis but are stable and low in PBC. PBC daily deaths have dropped off nicely over the last few days also, but we are always wary that this could be a reporting deficiency. The lowered number of covid beds in the county, however, suggests this death decline may be real. This will have to be confirmed over the next few days as PBC can be very volatile in reported death numbers. Assuming an IFR of .5% (the lowest acceptable rate according to the CDC) then we would estimate that 213200 residents of PBC are covid positive although we have only documented 40853, or 1/5th as many thus far. So you see how inaccurate any data using "positive tests" as a data point is.


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