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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring Dr. David Owen 08/16/2020

Night report: Continued evidence in real time of the lessening of the pandemic. Covid admissions sl. down for the state and stable in tri-county area, with much lower numbers than a week ago. In addition ED/FSED visits and admissions are approaching early-mid May numbers. Finally the state wide % positive test results is below 8%. Beds freely available in PBC, west Broward and even in Dade. The only tight spots continue to be Broward ICU beds toward the coast. All bed trends continue to improve slowly though. I do not see any potential uptick in these numbers unless large crowd convergences appear for whatever reason. This, of course includes holidays, school openings and sporting events (not to mention demonstrations). The large numbers of deaths in Broward relative to the other two counties, remains somewhat of a mystery.

All in all, a continued excellent bed report and I see no reason why the slow improvement should not continue this week. ____


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