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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 7/29/2020

Night Report: In one word, stable. Of note, covid beds are dropping off nicely in Dade and PBC. ICU beds remain tight but stable in usage in Dade and Broward with, however, some beds still available in the largest hospitals. General beds remain a non-issue in PBC and are available in Dade and Broward. A few numbers: statewide ICU availability runs between 16.16-18.2% depending on which database you query, (very slight diminution). All beds running 21.55% available. Covid beds are est. at 18.34%, down slightly from yesterday. The interesting number for your slumber is PBC covid cases which may be down by as much as 10% over the past few days.

We'll have to see if this trend continues this week. All in all a stable report for the night. ___


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