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Data After Dark

Data Without Doctoring After Dark Dr. David Owen 7/27/2020

Night Report: Perhaps sl. improvement statewide and in tri-county area but more importantly, still no deterioration in beds. % beds full gen/% beds full ICU, is running: Dade: 80.61/87.56, Broward: 80.89/90.75, PBC: 66.95/70.42 which may represent a slight improvement in Dade, but basically stable elsewhere. Statewide % bed avail. is running 24.2% general and 20.94% ICU which is basically stable. And on another good note, all ED/FSED visits are now approaching levels seen in April-May for covid symptoms and admissions. The trend line for all 4 parameters is clearly downward which, combined with the downward trend in death rate is extremely good news and suggests that the worst may be shortly behind us. We need this confirmed this week and next, of course. ___


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