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Dancing Around the Bullshit

Progressives have been marching in the parade of horribles since time began … but more recently one need look no further than: slavery; separate-but-equal Jim Crow segregation; formation of the KKK; opposition to civil rights for black Americans; opposition of voting rights for black and female Americans; carefully crafted do-nothing inner city policies that foment poverty, illiteracy, fatherlessness and murderous gun violence; censorship of and by the growing technocracy; the weaponization of the Justice Department against their political opponents; and the undeniable double standards concerning social mores, political ‘ethics’ and criminal misconduct. Yet, many have drawn the irrational and contra-factual conclusion that they should be afraid of Conservatives. This is largely accomplished by the repetition of lies by progressive politicians, legacy media talking head sycophants, and their unconsidered acceptance by progressive posing pronoun conscious lemmings.

The latest progressive-hate-crusade is against the "unvaccinated." Progressives and the legacy media are bombarding the public with messages giving permission to blame and act out on the unvaccinated instead of looking for and understanding the nefarious origins and spread of the virus. It’s no longer your body, your choice … or a decision to be made based upon a discussion to be had with your doctor. It is the very same progressives that vowed never to take the vaccine because it was the by-product of Trump Operation Warp Speed … that now demand that you take it because progressive muses Chelsea Handler and “only kidding” about my sex-with-babies-obsessed-tweets-Chrissy-Tiegen say so. Your doctor, medical situation, and personal choice be damned. Understand, it isn’t because trusting in in the unaccountable sovereign immunity of the federal government and government-granted-liability-free-pharma is a good idea … it’s because "they" said so.

They LOVE making you believe in, do, and say things against your will … and that’s just bullshit. #blueintheface #beingfrank #FMG ___


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