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Chris Cuomo's Open Border Christmas

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has “suggested” that giving the migrants free access is a Christian’s “Christmas Duty”. Chris is wrong. The story of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ isn’t about open borders. Chris is trying to mislead and manipulate you. Christmas is about the vehicle for our redemption and God’s plan for our eternal salvation. You see, subsequent to the creation of man in the Garden, Adam and Eve brought sin into the world and created a divide between our creator God (perfect and without sin) and His created, Adam and Eve, by and through an exercise of their free will. In order to close that divide, God ordained a sacrificial system for the atonement of sin. But, there was no sacrifice sufficiently perfect to permanently close the gap … so he clothed Himself in the flesh of man and came into the world to be that perfect sacrifice.

Christmas is the Christian celebration of God’s entry into the world to be that perfect sacrifice in the form of Jesus Christ … at once both fully God and fully man. It is faith in the redemptive power of His sacrifice on the cross and resurrection from the dead that provides the “way” into “heaven” (in the Christian vernacular) or theologically … full communion with God. Understand, Christians don’t believe that “everyone” can, should or does “get into” or “go to” heaven. Christmas is about the fulfillment of God’s plan … His specific requirement for “a way into heaven.” It is available to all, so it is not exclusive. But, it is specific. There is one requirement to be met.

My Christian brothers and sisters, while we should resist this kind of misguided emotionally heretical manipulation, don’t let it anger you. Embrace the opportunity to clear up the misunderstanding and praise God in thanksgiving for the opportunity to preach the Gospel “until the whole world hears” (Mark 16:15), because that is your Christian Duty today, at Christmas, and always.

Thank you, Chris for being an endless source of these opportunities …


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