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CoVid-19 Disconnect

Data Without Doctoring

Dr. David Owen

Morning update: A disconnect between our two M's has the MSM in panic mode today. You should slog through all the hysterical and funny headlines today! Now forsome non-MSM reality: Hospitalizations continue to rise in the state probably somewhere over 100 per day, although this is just a guess (probably conservative at that). The tri-county area and the two counties to our north all likely experiencing positive deltas over the past 24 hours, but not by much, I would estimate. By report, general and ICU bed utilization is high but there continues to be capacity built into the system to handle more. In many cases we do not know what percentage of bed and ICU use is covid. Ventilator use is more moderate with much more capacity as well. Again, these are all guestimates. The disconnect appears to be in the deaths, which remain low. The death rate crashed through the 2 barrier in Dade and is in the 1.7 range statewide and in Broward. PBC has also turned lower, with all three counties reporting their "usual" daily death numbers. All in all the tricounty area is hanging in there (non medical term) with clear inflection upward in hospitalizations but flat curve with respect to deaths. Why the disconnect, will be the subject of much political speculation (in the MSM) and scientific evidence in our more responsible reporting medias. Another provocative point heard yesterday, suggesting the RT-PCR testing may select for more covid viruses than sars-CoV2, which would help to explain the disconnect between spikes in positive tests and relatively flat M&M. Time will tell, but the major spike upward in deaths as predicted by the hysterical public health officials has not occurred, almost 4 weeks from the demonstration-induced spike in positive testing.


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