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Counter Culture Cowardice

When the Legacy Media and E-Oligarchs decided to censor and de-platform the leader of the “free world” it was reasonable to expect that the majority of his 80,000,000 followers would suspend their activity and/or delete their accounts and roil the stock of the perpetrators with an unprecedented First Amendment sell off protest. But, it didn’t happen. Who knew that so many lacked so little conviction … placing their social media access, friend count and ability to view the desert pictures of their faux e-friends above the right to free speech? I’ll admit that I didn’t understand that the price of freedom was so low … and that so many valued it so little. It was then that it occurred to me that the problem with the Conservative movement was unprincipled cowardice. While the Left characterizes Conservatives as fear mongering tyrants … the exact opposite is true. Conservatives are fearfully silent voting booth ballot box passive aggressive “protestors” … and in 2020 it simply didn’t serve them well … and won’t serve them well going forward (or as Joe says)“if the Republican Party continues to exist.” In all fairness to Joe, there may be some question about whether it will. You see, survival requires courage and there is insufficient evidence of it in mass critical enough to assure post Trump party survival.

My conservative brothers and sisters, privately seething, pretended indifference, and passive aggressive voting booth ‘surprises’ have only served to empower the opposition by surrender. Understand, freedom doesn’t thrive among cowards and isn’t protected by the fearful and indifferently lazy. Wondering why the Left is able to make so much progress in undermining American principles, economic hegemony, and energy independence in such a short time? Look no further than your bathroom mirror. Your lack of principle, conviction and the stink of your fear is their greatest weapon. Conservatives aren’t the guardians of freedom. They’re too busy indulging themselves in the faux-Facebook-friend count affirmation of their ‘popularity’ … programmatically addicted to viewing food and embarrassment-of riches-e-friend-vacation-pics to worry about freedom.

Who knew that American freedom would be purchased with the lucre of CCP Tik Tok virality? But, it has been. Make no mistake about that ...

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