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Strategic misstep. First, as a civilian, never refer to yourself as an ‘Elite Strike Force.’ Second, form the team … and stick with them. The reason for the separation? “She went too far.” Now, don’t misunderstand me, I don’t know if she’s right. I’ve reviewed the analysis of a couple of forensic mathematicians. I have reviewed the voter registration numbers and compared them to the voter turnout numbers in many, many, many Wisconsin precincts. I’ve reviewed the available affidavits outlining voter fraud, backdating absentee ballots, creating machine counts from manufactured ballots. I’ve reviewed the provisional ballot issues in Pennsylvania, and the absentee ballot request versus return numbers in any number of jurisdictions. I’ve compared the ballot rejection statistics from 2016 with 2020 … and the explosion of requests for non-verifiable signature free ballot requests of people involuntarily confined. I’ve reviewed and researched the legal issues attendant to the ballot cure issues, and unauthorized modification of PA voting legislation by the Secretary of State and the PA Supreme Court. There is no question that there are severe and systemic problems ... that much I know … and I knew the minute that Sydney Powell said that she would follow the evidence regardless of where it leads her … Democrat and Republican alike ... she put a target on her back. I believe that it is this comment that has created the daylight between our "Super Heroes."

You see, there have been all kinds of people … of all stripes … complaining about Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software. The Dominion documentation provides for weighted race options. A number of states have deemed it unsecure, too easily manipulable, and unsuitable for their intended purpose. You know, fair elections. I have posted many, many pre-election pieces regarding those concerns from both sides of the aisle. Ask yourself … if their concerns are real … how has this been able to perpetuate itself? Easy. Like most of our problems it stems from powerful bi-partisan complicity. Our government bureaucracy is unaccountably invested in, profits from, and complicitly fosters gridlock, endless war, and financial corruption.

But, Sydney, has vowed to take down both sides. She has opined that this is the software used by three (3) letter intelligence community agencies to facilitate soft coups around the world turned on the American people. After four years of intelligence community complicity in attempting to take down this President she has an audience that doesn't find it difficult to believe. Is she right? Time will tell. But, the lesson you’re about to learn is that “we can’t have that.”

It should be abundantly clear to you by now that you’re only free … to agree. #BeingFrank #FMG #blueintheface ___


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