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Corrupt-mas Day Six

On the Sixth Day of Corrupt-mas we honor "The Holy Enablers." Those members of law enforcement who look the other way while progressives engage in their ends justifies the means righteousness. The progressive intent blind Holy Enablers are specially equipped for their positions in that they are possessed with the requisite magical thinking to construe the federal public records act with an element of intent that simply isn't there … that see no intent in the smashing of Blackberrys or the bleaching of hard drives. They whole-heartedly believe that there is righteousness in the nefarious conduct of progressives because … after all … the ends always justifies the means. But, don't despair, progressives treat their co-conspirators well. Most of them attain "High Oracle Status" as CNN commentators.

For the rest … there is nothing to see here. How dare you criticize these patriots!

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