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Contingency Planning Procurement

What is the average compensation and bonus structure of a hospital network CEO? What has been the margin of profitability among hospital networks? It appears that hospitals and hospital networks have not been planning for and acquiring additional emergency capacity as part of their business and operations plan. Why is that? Aren't hospitals regulated? Aren't there laws that require them to corporately behave in the public interest?

Who enacts or should be enacting those laws? The Legislative Branch, right? What exactly have our representatives been doing … other than employing Chinese spies, selling stock into the pandemic, enjoying preferential medical plans, receiving full retirement benefits for one year of service, using tax dollars to pay off Congressional sexual harassment / assault victims, and pursuing ridiculous political conspiracy theories?

It appears to me that the money spent on Russian Collusion and Trump Impeachment would have made a wonderful down payment on N95 respirator masks and construction deposits for emergency hospital capacity. But, we must acknowledge it did reveal the ongoing mental health pandemic in this country.

We're all just too crazy or stupid to see it.


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