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Conservative Conservationism

I am a Conscientious Conservative Conservationist©. Conservationism differs from Environmentalism in that Conservationism concerns the responsible stewardship and conservation of our natural resources. At the heart of Environmentalism is the notion that nature is sacred … and that human beings are intruders who should look but not touch. While liberals pretend to maintain ideological hegemony in this sphere … they ‘forget’ that it was Conservative Republican Richard Nixon that established the Environmental Protection Agency. It is historical fact that it was the debates over the use of public lands and environmental politics in the 1970’s that largely contributed to the decline of liberalism and facilitated the rise of modern conservatism. But, like the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act liberals are historical and ideological plagiarists and revisionist historians. This is why they are comfortable fielding a plagiarist candidate for President. But, I digress.

Understand that it is the notion that it is nature that is sacred … and that man is an intruder who can “control” it that separates Conservatives (particularly Conservative Christians) from the Environmental movement not “science” denial. For many Christians, “environmentalism” is viewed as the pantheist “neo-pagan secular religion” of “urban atheists.” You see, the eco-socialist movement shares the pagan goal of a non-sectarian society accomplished through the destruction of Judiac / Christian values. It is not accidental that many of the prominent eco-fundamentalists participate in or ignore the concomitant rise of anti-Semitism within their political ranks. They ignore and subborn the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and Africa, and some even participate in the rampant Christaphobic behaviors and slurs that punctuate our own social and political discourse.

For Christians, conscientious conservation is a moral imperative. We believe that the glory of God is manifest in nature. We just don’t believe that it is the other way around. Understand, it isn't "nature" calling you …

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