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Connect the Dots

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

In an exchange tonight on a liberal college friend's page where I had expressed my concern about the celebratory tone of the original political post criticizing our governor and discussing the rising CoVid-19 test numbers, one of his friends ... seeing I was from Florida ... inquired as to whether I am able to make a reservation for a ventilator here. She didn't know if I had lost a friend or family member to the virus or had one on a ventilator. You see, none of those things matter. I'm a conservative.

Are you starting to see the connections between the behavior of the Resistance, the unhinged Washington and coastal liberal elites, the rogue intelligence bureaucracy, the contrived inefficacy of Congress, serial political hoaxery, fake news, the social media mob, and the mobs now flooding our streets, looting our businesses, burning our cities, and creating chaos? They are all part of the same problem.

The Democrat Party.


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