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Congressional Swearing In

Apparently, the rules of decorum believed by liberals to be a vestige of white privilege are "out". Ignorance, profanity, vulgarity, and lack of verbal impulse control are in ... because that's "who we are". This bad manner self aggrandizing psycho babble gives credence to my previous statements that Trump … and now, Tlaib … are symptoms of a culture that no longer values or practices civility. Muslim Congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, followed up her 'motherfucker' comment by noting that:

“I’ve always been this way. No one expects me to be anything but myself. The girl from Southwest Detroit. The little sass and attitude,” Tlaib said. “I think President Trump has met his match. I don’t like bullies. I go after them the same way they go after us. And he’s just going to have to deal.”

Tired of trying to buck the trend, I'm uncharacteristically capitulating and looking forward to the President's assignment of a nickname to Tlaib and her first of many lessons in who he is. At this point, most people wouldn't recognize the high road even if they tripped, fell and smacked their forehead on it. The good news is … I have an extensive vocabulary of profanity. I mean … after all … no one is expected to be anything but themselves no matter how ignorant, base or vulgar … and I am just a 'boy' from South Florida.

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