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Congressional Pig-out!

The Senate has approved a ‘pork’ filled Pandemic Relief Bill which is expected to be approved by the house Friday to fight the global economic dislocoation caused by the ‘microscopig’ enemy … CoVid-19. Suffice it to say, Congress has gone ‘hog wild’. Two trillion dollars breaks the already IOU filled ‘piggy bank’. But, liberal special interest groups are ‘squealing’ with delight. You see, the liberal Congressional ‘boars’, led by Speaker of the House, Nancy ‘Piglosi’, thought this was a good opportunity to accomplish by extortion what they haven’t been able to accomplish by legislation. The ‘swine’. Their claims that the Bill is designed to help every ‘porcine’ harmed by the current economic shut down absolves them from any ‘gilt’. It’s ‘snout’ as if they had any choice. Right?!

I suspect that once approved, they’ll be ‘wallowing’ in self adulation forgetting that you ultimately reap what you ‘sow’. It’s easy to be ‘philanthropig’ with other people’s money … and money that you can simply print. It makes you wonder who they’re actually ‘rooting’ for. It makes me ‘bristle’ with anger. They’ve ‘shoat’ us who they really are. They have taken us for ‘grunted’ long enough. It’s ‘despigably’ ‘stereotypigal’. How much longer will we tolerate their feeding at the public ‘trough’? It remains to be seen whether the Pandemic Relief provided in the bill is a healing ‘oinkment’ or just a lot of ‘hogwash’.


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