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Christian Shaming

There is an opinion piece authored by the editor of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, that is making the rounds (click on link below). It’s the latest flavor of the month for anti-Trump athiests, agnostics and others hostile to those who express their faith and profess their salvation in an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and tri-une God. It’s, yet another, apostate Christian denouncing the President and issuing a condemnation of the rest of us who don’t subscribe to his brand of legal and Biblically intuitive analysis. His analysis fails for two (2) reasons.

First, no actual crime has been committed by President Trump. There has been no actual high crime and misdemeanor. The Constitutional standard has not been met. His removal is not legally warranted or possible. I say this with conviction because I hold the same degrees that the experts who appeared before the House Intelligence Committee do and have practiced law for three (3) decades.

As for the spiritual argument … the gravamen of this theologically flawed piece is that Trump isn’t a good guy and Christians should only submit to the authority of good guys because God is good and you should be too. There is no actual Biblical basis for this intuitively ‘precious’ Baby Christian conclusion. It sounds right to the Biblically unschooled mind … but mature Christians know and understand that there is more to the story. That ‘good’ and salvation are not determined by the worldly intuitive standard of secular humanists masquerading as authoritative theologians.

The author ambitiously strives to arrive at the popular, secular, socio-politically correct and click driven inevitable conclusion that Orange Man must go because he isn’t ‘good’. Of course, the author’s analysis mentions nothing of: the ‘goodness’ or ‘badness’ of the alternatives; the embodiment of those Christian values used so earnestly here for shaming in the alternatives; that throughout the Word there are examples of God befriending, promoting and using adulterers, murderers and those who harbored malice for their fellow man for His purpose and for the good of those who know and and are called according to His purpose; or that we are called to submit to those in authority regardless of their ‘kind or character’. You see, Christians are called … no admonished … to submit to those in authority because they are in authority by and through the grace of God according to His plan. Jesus didn’t admonish the Romans for mistreating the Jews and didn’t encourage Jewish uprising against Roman oppression. Yet hindsight affords us the perspective to see that He used the Roman Empire and the right of Roman citizens to travel to spread His gospel. In study and in life I am constantly reminded of the power and wonder of a God able to bring actual blessing from unexpected sources, adverse circumstances and deeply flawed, hostile and uncooperative men. I have experienced all those things over the course of my own life. I know and understand … God is bigger than all that to that I can and willingly testify.

So you see, my liberal friends … my progressive brothers and sisters … don’t bother attempting to use my religious conviction to shame me or my Christian brothers and sisters into agreeing that your secular objectives and candidates are the better alternative. Be advised that my conscience and faith are not your rhetorical tricky place(s). Refrain from invoking my Lord and Savior as your political shill. While He doesn’t “need” me to defend to Him … my love for Him requires it of me.

You see, that’s how it really works.

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