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Christian Love

For the last four (4) years I have been bludgeoned with demands that I explain how it is that I profess to be an Evangelical Christian and support Donald Trump. It is with great enthusiasm that I now return the favor. How in the world could any Christian support Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the Democrat Party platform? Particularly looking forward to hearing from the many who expressed their righteous indignation concerning my choice. At least I didn't have to defend abortion, the anti-Christian ... anti-God ... anti-religion ... anti-semitic platform. Don't worry ... I'll address you specifically as we move closer to Election Day. I want to be sure to extend you the same abusively repetitive courtesy that you extended me.

All in Christian love, of course.* ___ * Saved. Covered in the blood of Jesus Christ. But, as imperfect as the rest.


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