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Category 6 of Hot Air

Data Without Doctoring

Dr. David Owen

Morning update: Cat 6 coming. Wait till you see the headlines from the MSM today. We set a record of positive cases and the deaths and hospitalizations are through the roof. NOT!! Let's start with what to me is the most amazing statistic. Death RATE statewide and in Dade is approaching levels seen during the first week of April and this continues to plummet. Why??? Let's see if the Sun-Sentinel (“SS”) and Palm Beach Post (“PBP”) interview anybody to answer this most important question. Don't hold your breath. More likely we will get more DeSantis bashing (especially if they interview that numbskull AG sec Fried.).

On a serious note, deaths dropped dramatically yesterday. Why? (C’mon my readers, you all know why). Hospitalizations on the other hand continue to soar in Broward...very interesting and totally disconnected at this point with low death numbers we are seeing. Dade is probably dropping but moderately high and PBC remains high but rising only slowly. Again, with no data from the hospitals themselves I’m guessing that all is still manageable. The FIU data I’m discounting completely as we have no raw data upon which they are basing their estimates (??). I am not aware of any warning from hospital spokespersons about over run in ICU beds, ventilators and PPE. We need our useless MSM to interview hospital spokespersons daily and get this info to us. PBP could get data on Bethesda and St. Mary's and SS can get data on HMemorial and BGeneral. Why they continue to take the easy road and mindlessly repeat my first sentence continues to amaze me. Complete and utter failure imho.

Some observations on my wanderings about town. Despite the mass hysteria in the MSM, the public is doing fine. We all have personal friends and family who are COVID-19 positive and some are sick and all are recovering. None of them are in the hospital. They are young and were otherwise healthy. People are conducting their ADL, masked up, practicing social distancing, all fully aware of recent issues in the pandemic. The only ones out of it are the MSM who apparently haven't a clue as to how Joe average, such as myself are coping. We are all doing fine and quite frankly the pandemic is no longer on my radar because we have adjusted completely. Facemask, hand washing, social distancing are ingrained in my psyche now, as I'm sure all of these things are, in most of the population. If you act stupidly you are more at risk of getting, but not dying of COVID-19.

The cat is out of the bag, as I’ve said before, we're all gonna get it and probably sooner rather than later. The curve has successfully been flattened in Florida up to this point. Perhaps the warm weather has done the most to mitigate the damage. So get outside and to the beach!!

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