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Can't Bank On Joe

I am a Zionist. I have long believed that liberal intersectionality would demand that the Democrat party abandon American and global Jewry … and it’s clear that that’s Joe-mala’s plan. They made a first day priority of affirming the Iran Nuclear Deal and disavowing the Trump Administration peace catalyst in recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over Israel, the West Bank and Gaza according to international law. But, Joe-mala was ass over tea cups headlong rushing to disavow our commitments to Israel. Those very same commitments that have largely … if not exclusively facilitated … relative peace in the Middle East. Liberals have stood by for the last four years and jeered at the Trump Administration’s focus on Middle East peace … and have now proven themselves anxious to roll back the progress of the five or more Middle Eastern Trump brokered peace deals … the elusive diplomatic ‘whale’ for decades. No one has made more progress or come as close.

As a rabid Christian Zionist … I know that the resistance to Trump exclusively revolves around this singular issue. The Enemy couldn’t … can’t … and won’t … wait to undo this progress. The fate of worldly men lies here. The battle is waged. #beingfrank #blueintheface #FMG



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