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Buyden Time

Democrats bug-eyed-forehead-vein-throbbingly rail against IMAGINED President Trump is a Russian spy corruption. But, real corruption is of no moment to them. Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians should be concerned that Democrats don't seem to know or understand the difference ... and deny the findings of one investigation after another. They are not credible sources of information, interpreters of current events, reliable historians, or legal analysts.

While playing an integral role in the establishment and management of America's foreign policy and foreign aid relationship with Ukraine, Vice President Biden threatened President Porshenko with withholding a billion dollar loan facility in return for the firing of prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who was investigating corruption related to Burisma Holdings. Quid Pro Joe's son was on the Burisma Board of Directors at the time receiving compensation of approximately $80,000.00 per month. Great gig for a guy with no experience in the industry.

But, if you can overlook a grown man publicly lip kissing and putting his hands on little girls and little boys ... you can overlook anything. That's what makes them so dangerous. All predators have their protectors. November will tell us how many this one has ...

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