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Burned by Lies

In 1978, in the journal Science, University of Washington researcher Minze Stuiver predicted that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will have doubled by 2020. “We learn that if present trends continue, with economics the only limit on the exploitation of fossil fuels, the CO2 concentration will have doubled by 2020. Forty to 80 years after fuel burning peaks — that will come mid-century — the CO2 concentration will be five to 10 times its present level.” But, that projection hasn't come close to happening.

"According to NOAA, in March 1978, there were 335 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. In February 2020, NOAA reported 413 parts per million in the atmosphere. That represents an increase of 23 percent, a far cry from doubling the concentration (which would be 670 parts per million)." Perhaps my 'sciency' friends could explain this climate science fail. I thought that the science was 'settled.' #blueintheface #FMG #BeingFrank ___ * 10 False Climate Predictions for 2020 ( ___


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