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Bureautic 'bout face

War. What is it good for? We have been engaged in seemingly endless warfare for decades with no real end in sight. We have spent trillions of dollars and spilt the blood of our sons without thoughtful strategy or resolve. This brand of “restrained”, “hands tied” and protracted warfare benefits no one … other than those who manufacture weapons and derive Beltway status from the size of their budgets. Make no mistake, in DC ‘size matters.’ This President’s recovery of ‘Caliphate’ territory and decimating defeat of ISIS clearly establish that there has been an unspoken policy of American militarized dilly-dallying.

“Defeat” in Afghanistan? Seriously? The “lack of political will”, public trough feeding frenzy of the military industrial complex, and the corrupt laundering of American aid is more to the point. The current Biden-Ukraine controversy is illustrative of the parasitic relationship between American politicians … their progeny … and financial aid of all sorts to foreign countries. In one tweet, the President has masterfully and singularly forced the hand, called into question and exposed the conspiratorial corruption of the Deep-State-Military-Industrial-Congressional-Media complex and the laundering of American foreign aid.

How long will you continue to allow your corruption conspirator induced hatred of the President compel you to embrace their laundering of American foreign aid profiteering and the endless war financed with your tax dollars and the blood of our sons?

Maybe it's time you started thinking for yourself.

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