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Box of Shame

This is A HUGE 'victory' for liberals. The President misused the word 'disinfectant'. The liberal world is celebrating. The endless posts on social media. The literally thousands upon thousands of 'news' articles. The warnings from all manufacturers of disinfectants not to inject their products in order to stave off a national emergency. He's done it THIS time! For liberals, this PROVES that they have been right to hold him in contempt all along. 'This' justifies all the 'Resistance'. The violent ideation. Calling him a 'Nazi' ... a 'Russian asset' ... a 'Russian spy'. It justifies all the bureaucratic and citizenry interference and irrational scorn that they have heaped on him and his 'stoopid' supporters for this last three (3) years. It's a defining moment that obviously, now, proves that they are not consumed with unjustifiable HATRED and that their behavior is ... 'NORMAL'.



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