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Bill's Shot-in-the-arm

Bill Gates seems awfully certain that a 'vaccine' will solve the problem of CoVid-19 ... and 'thinks' that we should all wait until one has been globally deployed until 'we' gather in public places, again. Apparently, the science and data that unequivocally establishes that this virus can be definitively controlled by a vaccine hasn't been widely shared. I know that I have been searching for it. You see, CoVid-19 is an RNA virus. Generally, it is difficult to create a universal vaccine for a virus, because 'normal' viruses "shift", "mutate" ... or change. That is why the flu shot contains a number of different viruses and is not ever 100% effective ... because 'they' are never certain what strain will be the predominant strain or how the virus may have mutated in a particular year. It is my understanding that there are no RNA virus vaccines on the current schedule of vaccines that actually work. You see, RNA viruses are unable to correct the genetic errors that often result from its multiplication, and are, therefore, inherently unstable.

I am similarly perplexed by the insistence that 'everyone' be antibody tested and carry antibody passports when there is not adequate definitive science and data establishing that the antibodies of survivors will ward off reinfection by this virus ... let alone a future mutation of the current virus. What does the Gates Foundation, the WHO, and the advocates of immunity passports 'know' that they're not sharing with the rest of us. They are spending tremendous amounts of money predicated upon scientific absolutes yet to be established. Of course, I'm not doubting Bill Gates' prescience. He did, after all, conduct a pandemic drill in October 2019 known as Event 201.* He clearly has the uncanny ability to see into the future.

Right? ______


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