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Destruction is the Goal

Conservatives watch in wonder as Democrats promulgate politically, socially and economically destructive legislation. The head-shaking-tongue-wagging-finger-pointing talking heads incredulously question their competence and doubt their sanity. But, the truth is ... and conservatives need to get a hold of this ... the destructive governance of progressives isn't incompetence ... it's their plan. Progressives have long purposed to undermine capitalism in pursuit of the promise of a liberal unicornian Communist utopia. But, understand, it isn't 'equity' or 'equality' that drives them ... it's the lure of autocratic oppression and control now no more than a click away in a Neo-Marxist-Zuckerbergian-Technocracy. We live in a time where social media posing is more important than the guarantee of true free First Amendment expression. Think I'm wrong?



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