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Biden's Grooming

For the last few weeks, I have written extensively and posted over 150 pictures about this in an earnest desire to sensitize you to the signs of sexually predatory grooming behavior(s). This is an approximately two minute video that is essential to a better understanding of what it is that you are witnessing drawing upon an expert in the field of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and sexual predation, Dr. Anthony Zenkus. It's my hope that you will watch the video and consider what it is that I am trying to tell and show you so that you can make an informed decision about this man and that you are better equipped to identify others like him. You'll recognize many of the scenes from pictures I have posted. The video, audio ... and his inappropriate comments to the children featured are even more outrageous than the pictures. Understand, it is the refusal to educate ourselves that stands between us and the safety of our communities and our children. All predators have their protectors. Will you be counted as one of his in November?

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